Rare Earth Prices Stabilising and Metal Transactions Moderate_SMM | Shanghai Non ferrous Metals

2022-10-02 01:57:43 By : Ms. Lorna Lee

SHANGHAI, Sep 28 (SMM) - Rare earth prices were generally stable today. According to SMM understanding, the mainstream transaction price of PrNd stabilised at around 645,000-655,000, yuan/mt for the moment, terbium oxide 12,700-12,800 yuan/kg, dysprosium oxide 2,260-2,280 yuan/kg despite recent strong momentum, gadolinium oxide 335,000-345,000 yuan/mt, and holmium oxide 650,000-670,000 yuan/ton.

The price of PrNd alloy rose slightly today, but the transaction situation was lacklustre. The prices of other rare earth products did not change significantly either, and basically stabilised at the current level. According to SMM research, the rare earth market was relatively stable as a whole today, and some upstream separation plants said that there will be no significant changes in the quotations ahead of the National Day holiday, and the post-holiday market situation is worth attention. The magnetic material enterprises still purchased on rigid demand, and the transaction situation of metal factories was not satisfying. Recently, the inquiries for erbium oxide have picked up, but the prices have not showed significant changes for the time being. It is expected that the prices will also remain volatile.

On the whole, the rare earth inquiries and transactions are both muted for the moment. With the holiday approaching, the market sentiment may cool down, and SMM predicts that rare earth prices will fluctuate narrowly through the time before the holiday.

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