Pure Bismuth Metal 4n 5n for Alloys/ Hot Sale 99.99% Bismuth Ingot Manufacturer

Product DescriptionGood quality Price 1kg Bismuth MetalProduct detailsProduct NameBismuth IngotsPurity>99.99%ColorWhite or PinkPacking detailsWooden caseMelting point271.4°CDensity9.78g/cm3Weight per ingot16kg/ ingotFeatureSoft and brittleShapeLump or customizedCAS No7440-69-9  General  PropertiesSymbol:BiC

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Product Description

Good quality Price 1kg Bismuth Metal

Product details

Product NameBismuth Ingots
ColorWhite or Pink
Packing detailsWooden case
Melting point271.4°C
Weight per ingot16kg/ ingot
FeatureSoft and brittle
ShapeLump or customized
CAS No7440-69-9
 General  Properties
Atomic Number:
Atomic Weight:
9.747 gm/cc
Melting Point:
271.3 oC
Boiling Point:
1560 oC
Thermal Conductivity:
0.0792 W/cm/oK @ 298.2 oK
Electrical Resistivity:
106.8 microhm-cm @ 0 oC
1.9 Paulings
Specific Heat:
0.0296 Cal/g/oK @ 25 oC
Heat of Vaporization:
42.7 K-Cal/gm atom at 1560 oC
Heat of Fusion:
2.505 Cal/gm mole
Specification for 5N
Cu1.0 ppm
Ag1.0 ppm
Mg0.5 ppm
Ni0.2 ppm
Zn0.5 ppm
Cr0.5 ppm
Fe0.5 ppm
Cd0.2 ppm
As0.5 ppm
Al0.5 ppm
Au0.2 ppm
Pb0.5 ppm
Sn0.5 ppm

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Bismuth metal Ingot 99.95% and 99.99%

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Bismuth Ingot / sheet
Purity: 99.9% - 99.9999% Character: Hard and brittle, easy to crush, with cold expansion and shrinkage characteristics. Pure bismuth is a soft metal and brittle when impure.
1.Semiconductor Semiconductor device for high purity bismuth and tellurium, selenium, antimony and other combination, pulling the thermocouple for temperature, thermoelectric power generation and refrigeration. For assembling air conditioner and refrigerator. The optical resistance can be obtained by the use of artificial bismuth sulfide to increase the sensitivity of the visible spectral region.
2.Nuclear industry High purity (99.999%Bi) for heat carrier or coolant for nuclear industry heap, for the protection of nuclear fission device materials
3.Other :
Additive to steel , Fusible alloys, Pharmaceutical industry.

Pure Bismuth Metal 4n 5n for Alloys/ Hot Sale 99.99% Bismuth Ingot Manufacturer
Pure Bismuth Metal 4n 5n for Alloys/ Hot Sale 99.99% Bismuth Ingot Manufacturer


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