Silicon Oxide SiO2Min 92%Cl-Max 0.02%Fe2O3Max 1.0%Al2O3Max 1.0%CaOMax 1.0%MgOMax 1.2%K 2OMax 1.2%H2OMax 3.0%Loss on ignitionMax 6.0%Particle size (Coarse particles >45um)Max 6.0% Applications: Coating: on the basis of the original formula of water-based latex paint, nanometer

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Silicon Oxide


Min 92%


Max 0.02%


Max 1.0%


Max 1.0%


Max 1.0%


Max 1.2%

K 2O

Max 1.2%


Max 3.0%

Loss on ignition

Max 6.0%

Particle size (Coarse particles >45um)

Max 6.0%


Coating: on the basis of the original formula of water-based latex paint, nanometer silicon oxide added totalweight 0.3-1% (to be fully dispersed), the suspension stability, thixotropy, bond strength between the coating and substrate, smoothness properties were improved significantly, shorten drying time, artificial acceleratedultraviolet aging test time multiplied, scrub resistance by the thousands to tens of thousands of times, and anti fouling coating is improved obviously.

Plastic: silica nanoparticles fully dispersed in thepolypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other plastic raw materials, can greatly improve the strength,toughness and plastic products, wear resistance and aging resistance. Such as the modification of nano PP, the main performance index of the water absorption, insulation resistance, compression residual deformation, flexural strength of all reached or exceeded the engineering plasticnylon 6, product durability increased more than one times,can replace the nylon 6 and in some areas.

Color rubber: add a small amount of silica nanoparticles insolution polymerized styrene butadiene rubber (instead of black) as reinforcing agent and anti-aging agent, color rubber products produced the toughness, strength,elongation, bending resistance and anti ageing properties have reached or exceeded three yuan of ethylene propylene rubber.

Magnetic materials: in iron coke powder is added in thecomposite powder with nano silica based modified, after testing, the highest level of main performance products tothe United States the existing similar products, such asremanence intensity greater than 4100 Gs, intrinsic coercivity is greater than 3000 Oe, the energy product is greater than 4 mGOe, and at the same time, material production significantly reduce costs.

In addition, the nano silica can be widely used in ceramic(porcelain enamel), gypsum, batteries, paints, adhesives,cosmetics, glass steel, chemical fiber, organic glass,environmental protection and other areas of productupgrading.
Silicon Oxide Silica Powder for Ceramic Pigment

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